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Apr 22

Anonymous asked: You don't deserve your husband.

Life isn’t about what you deserve, or ask for. It’s about what you take, and own.


Anonymous asked: I am curious about him paying for pussy. don't you have a joint bank account anyways?

We do, but the lady only accepts cold hard cash for the pussy. Crisp, new Benjamins.

sexyideasforus asked: Condoms? Don't you have an IUD? Why exactly did you tell him the condoms were necessary?

He doesn’t know I have an IUD.

Anonymous asked: So after he runs out of condoms, the box you mentioned, how much is pussy going to cost him?

$1,500, or a pair of Louboutins of my choice.

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Anonymous asked: Have you been allowing your husband unrestricted access to the Golden Snatch since you've been with him in North Carolina?

Mostly. There are a few restrictions:

1.  He has to wear a condom.

2.  After he’s used up his box of condoms (12), he has to start paying for the pussy, and get permission from James to fuck me.

I thought for sure that his condoms would last through the week, but it looks like he’s probably going to run out tomorrow.

My Motto: Dress well, or don’t.

My Motto: Dress well, or don’t.

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Text to my hubby

OMG… I just realized, it’s been four days since I fucked one of your friends. Maybe it’s time to do that again.

Anonymous asked: "He definitely enjoys your games!" Yeah but it's the rape, abuse and humiliation that people have a problem with. It's also pretty fucking annoying listen to you whine and claim to "love" hubby, and then find ways to hurt him any chance you get. He's blackmailed and suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm is beautiful this time of year.

Anonymous asked: Not sure which blog these haters are reading, but it's obvious hubby likes it. He's stayed with you through everything, and he had to sneak off to the bathroom to jack off when you were seducing his coworker! He definitely enjoys your games!

Thank you for your kind words. My critics are entirely irrelevant to me.

Anonymous asked: He's a spineless, gutless little pussy. He couldn't stand up for himself if he tried. What a dick!

So is he a pussy or a dick? I’m confused. And did you know that a pussy has neither a spine nor a gut?

Anonymous asked: It's kinda pathetic how you have to blackmail and mentally torture hubby to stay with you. This whole thing in NC shows that he's not into the lifestyle as much as you. You're just too selfish to see it or care.

It didn’t seem that way last night when he was backing his ass up on my strap-on, and telling me how much he missed us being intimate that way. Or about 30 minutes before, when I stuck the suction cup of the dildo on the glass shower door and told him to get his mouth on and suck it hard for me.

The man I’m married to is just a little bitch. He’s my little whore. If you’d been her last night, you’d know that about him.

allgood48 asked: Have you told hubby you're locking him up when you leave or is that going to be a surprise?

That will be a little surprise. He’ll be locked up in the limo on the way to the airport.

Anonymous asked: About fucking time you did something for your husband instead of your own selfish agenda.

Oh he’s having the time of his life, believe me. I even stuffed his little squirrel balls inside me last night… a little trick I learned how to do when I’m on top.