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Oct 22

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Oct 21

Anonymous said: I think you've got the Marlon thing all wrong. It's not about being turned gay. He started out doing it for you and he felt submissive doing it. Ever since he's returned, you've been coddling him, too afraid to cross him, and I think he's too ashamed to ask for you to assert your authority. I think he went to see Marlon because he felt that was missing and it was a way for him to get that feeling back.

At some point everything becomes a negotiation. And the only way to win at negotiation, is you have to be willing to walk away from the table. If the other side knows that you want something too much, you lose.

Anonymous said: Your quick wit truly is extraordinary. A gift. You must be a lot of fun to hang out with.

Thank you!

By the way, a little man wearing a green feathered hat will be coming by in a while carrying a woven basket. Please be generous.

spyintheskyuk said: Bloody hell his mother truly is a witch, (clearly followed Maggie Smith to Harry Potter) how condescending can you get. You should have bought her a bunch of black roses, something she needs but won't get and clearly a thorny bitch as a result.

I tried to order her a second round of flowers, something she wouldn’t be allergic to. But it turns out, they don’t sell roses, stems and thorns only.

sddombimbolover said: Aren't lilies death/funeral flowers?

Sometimes. I’m always trying to think ahead.

Anonymous said: Why is your husband's mother in the hospital, if I may ask?

In medieval times, they probably referred to it as CuntRot. In modern times we refer to it as ovarian cancer. From what I understand, they are planning to carve the diseased rot out of her belly.

(Do you know what she told me on the phone a while ago when she called to thank me for the flowers?

"Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, I’ve always been allergic to white lilies. I hope you don’t mind that I shared them with the poor brown woman across the hall. She has no one, you know.")

Take me here, please.

Take me here, please.

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spyintheskyuk said: Love the email from hubby, sounds like an excerpt from Downton Abbey. Is his mother anything like Maggie Smith by any chance? You can certainly see who's thumb he is under, no wonder he took on a dominant wife too, even if she doesnt fit into their traditional ideas of class. No wonder he is so emasculated he prefers to fuck guys. Perhaps it's more Downton meets Dynasty now I think about it.

Yes. They’re a lot alike, but his mother isn’t quite as personable.

She regularly disciplined him as a boy with an old leather belt that belonged to her father, which I think contributed a lot to his personality. My husband grew up with a tight leash on his behavior, which highly motivated him to please the women around him.

Anonymous said: So something has got you in a better mood. By your writing style (surly and humorous responses to asshole questions) and pictures (more BBC and hot chicks) one can clearly see that you are back in a manic state. This seems to happen most when you are scheming. So what do you have planned for Hubby's return?

What? Who? Me?

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