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Sep 16

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Texts with Johnny

Oh yeah? Should I bring some weed?

You should definitely bring some weed! We should all get stoned and fuck all night.

Yeah right.

I’m serious.

With your niece?

She’s not MY niece.

Yeah she is.

You can have us both tonight. Tight and tighter.

Not a good idea B. Your hub still gone?


When he back?

I don’t know. He’s still pissed at me. I’m horny. I want to at least watch.

Watch what?

You and Dana. I wanna watch you fuck her.

Yeah. Not happening.

Come on, don’t be a pussy.

She not like that B.

Not yet maybe. At least let me watch her give you head. In the hot tub.

You’re serious?


And for this I get?

What do you want?

Let me drive his car while he gone.

He has his car. He drove up the coast.

No shit? What else you got?

What do you want? Pussy later?

I can hit that whenever I want baby. What else you got?

Why are you being such a pussy?

She not like that B. She a good girl. Let it go.

That’s not what I heard the other night. She must have left the window open. I heard you fucking her.

Oh yeah?

Yup. I liked it!

When you back from the run?

Come by at around 630.


And remember the pool rules.

Yeah I know.

Text to Johnny

Dana and I are going for a run here in a bit. You should come by and join us in the pool after…

Anonymous said: Dana and Johnny. You still don't understand to keep out of people's lives. Your selfishness led to them hooking up and now your selfishness is going to interfere. Karma will bite.

My husband said “get it done”, and I intend to do exactly what he wants.

Anonymous said: Oh god what is your air headed plan for Dana/Johnny? You know you always make matters worse!

It’s what my husband insisted on and wants, so… that’s it.

Anonymous said: "I want both. I’ve had both before and that’s not changing. That’s not what this dispute or whatever is about." You are absolutely right. This is all about you and your sub side

Yes, and whether I can submit that way to another man without hurting my marriage.

Dana & Johnny

Okay, so I think I have a plan that can work regarding Dana and Johnny. Something that won’t fall back on my husband or I.

I don’t want to do it, I hate it, it’s wrong, it’s going to hurt both of them, but it’s what my husband wants. And right now, he is my priority.

curiousinatl said: so maybe now is the right time to ask hubby his opinion on the idea of having black baby ?

Very funny.