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Jul 24

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Time for another trip!

Time for another trip!

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The reason your wife stayed an extra night in Atlanta on her last business trip.

The reason your wife stayed an extra night in Atlanta on her last business trip.

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Text to my hubby

James wants to meet with you tonight to talk, but doesn’t want me there. He’s gonna come by the house at 8pm.

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Anonymous said: Your hubby does not realise how lucky he is, you are a goddess that every white little boy dreams to have just one lick of her pussy after it has been bred by the superior black bull. I cannot wait for Johnny to open Dana's ass too, we all know he is going to do it. Quick question Goddess, I never miss a thing you post, but I still have never saw any of YOUR pictures, could you please let us know ahead next time you are going to post a picture of yours, please. Thank you Goddess.

Thank you ! I post one or two every now and then. I just don’t leave them up for too long.

Anonymous said: How old are you? Reading your blog is like reading the 'secret dictionary' of a spoiled little teenager. The complete lack of responsibility is staggering. Your inability to think about anyone else... mindblowing. And please, for the kid's sake, don't start with babies yet. You're not ready, believe me. Btw why can't your 'husband' know about your blog?

I’m approaching my mid 30s. My hubby is in his 40s. James is between us in age. Johnny is a little younger than I am. Dana is still 19, soon to be 20. Rachel is my age, Sam is just a bit older. Emily is in her 50s. Marlon is in his 30s. And my cat is 9.

Gina thinks too much money can make some people irresponsible, which is maybe true in some ways. But ultimately money is freedom… freedom to do whatever, good things, bad things, excel, or fuck up.

I may not be the most responsible person in the world, but I’m happy, excited about life, I have the freedom to do what I want, and have fun. I have everything I need and want, and donate a lot of my time to various charities.

… which is a lot better than being unhappy, down on life, bored, and having other people control my time and life. Or being poor and starving and wanting.

As far as getting pregnant is concerned, it’s this crazy powerful hormone thing that I cycle through. When I’m ovulating I basically go into heat, and I just want to fuck all day and night. And have babies.

Anonymous said: You still don't think James will decide to make hubby submit to him and service the big ugly cock with his mouth?

His big ugly cock, lol. You remember that!

Johnny’s cock is gorgeous; a true work nature’s art. It’s thick, meaty, heavy, dark mocha-colored, smooth as silk, beautiful head, and perfect.

James’ cock is very different… it’s ugly, primal, twisted, twice-bent, gnarled up, bumpy, and looks like it’s been sucked and chewed on by a thousand whores. But I love the way it looks and feels inside me.

It always smells and tastes like a dick should… strong, masculine, musky, it has that pungent smell like a man’s sweaty balls after he’s been working out combined with a spicy sweet vanilla sort of cinnamon scent. It’s a deep, dark, penetrating odor that, honestly, goes straight to my pussy and instantly gets it all creamy wet and drippy.

I love getting my face down in his crotch and just staying down there for a while, breathing.

His cock is uncut and kind of raw looking. It looks like it belongs on a horse. It’s extremely thick, African dark, jet black, with almost a bluish velvet sheen to it.

I tease James that the Gods gave him a gangsta thug dick that was specially designed to bust up pretty white pussy, lol.

He always gets super hard, and stays that way even after he ejaculates two or three times.

My husband, by contrast, gets a nice little pinkish boner, which is nice, but after he ejaculates it instantly goes soft and retracts into his ball sac like a scared cat, and stays that way. Then he’s done for the night; he can never get it back up again. He’s like a two minute frenzied rabbit fuck, which is pretty pathetic.

As far as James making my husband suck him off, I don’t that happening again, although he does like that I make my husband suck cock for me. He’s been encouraging the Marlon thing. James especially loves that I totally dominate my husband, buy submit to him.